X10 Bone Broth Cube Packs 500g Each


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Our 500g halal bone broth cubed portion packs have 8 cells where you can use up to 8 single times with each cell being approximately 62g. They are perfect if your looking to use smaller amounts of Bone Broth without defrosting the whole pack. It’s flat lay packing may also make it simpler to store in your freezer.

How to use:

Simply cut out each cell as needed, use directly from frozen placing into pan to heat or place into a bowl to defrost in room temperature with no more than 1 hour or keep refrigerated and use with 24 hours of defrosting.


Our new added selection packs come in Beef & Oxtail, Chicken Broth & baby 6+


When your broths arrive by post place into freezer directly. A minimal defrosting may occur which is safe to place into freezer and consume. If any leakage is seen please contact us directly.

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