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In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we may not pay enough attention to what we eat. In this case, we need 100% natural products that we can carry with us at all times and add value to our nutrition.We have developed a great product for exactly this need!BEE'O On The Go Propolis - Turmeric - Ginger - Cinnamon and Raw Honey mixture, with its 100% natural content and single-use packaging, is always with you at school, office, sports and travel. Whether directly or by adding it to your cold and warm drinks or with your fruit yoghurt.. At breakfast, between meals, before or after sports, before or after the exam, with milk before going to bed, for all four seasons...Those who want to add flavor to their life, and those who want it to be completely natural.Happy children, relaxed mothers with BEE'O ON THE GO..7-pack of Propolis On The Go: Contains 7 pieces of 7 gram ON THE GO.
Product content: Raw Honey (94%), Pure Anatolian propolis (2%), Turmeric (2%), Ginger (1%), Cinnamon (1%) Contains no added sugar. Sweetened with raw honey. It is 100% natural without additives and preservatives. Our products are produced with the "Contracted Beekeeping" model, where good beekeeping practices are targeted.Our facilities are GMP, BRC, IFS, ISO9000, ISO22000, Halal certifiedSuggestion for Use: You can consume the product directly or by mixing it with your favorite solid or liquid (warm or cold) foods.Storage Conditions: Store the product in a dry environment, at room temperature (approximately 22°C), protect from higher temperature and sunlight.
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