10 Bone Broth Package Deal


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NOTE: Mix & Match available, on this option you will be purchasing 10 single pouches of 300ml halal broth pouches.

NOTICE: when checking out please leave a note of your choice of 10 broths

We are excited to offer you the 10 day broth deal.

10 days Broth challenge will not only help heal and seal your gut but it will also provide your body with essential nutritions. Doctors and dieticians recomend drinking 1 cup of bone broth for atleast 30 days to see and feel the benefits. 1 cup would be 1 pouch a day.

Benefits of Bone Broth

Bone broth may provide whole-food-based type II collagen, which gives it a unique nutrient profile unlike that of any other food.

Bones and connective tissue contain the beneficial proteins collagen and gelatin, which are known for enhancing the appearance of skin. But a lesser known fact about collagen is that it also supports digestive health.

Collagen also contains amino acids glucosamine, proline, and glycine, which promote joint health, while maintaining lean muscle mass. If you’ve ever seen a thick layer of gel formed on top of refrigerated bone broth, that’s the collagen that has been released from the bones. (It’s also a sign of a high-quality broth!)

Bones and connective tissue are storehouses for essential amino acidsand minerals— which are lacking in many diets today. Bone Broth is also a source of protein, collagenand gelatin.

How to store:

10 pouches of broth will arrive from frozen. Place directly into freezer and use straight from frozen or thaw in fridge.

Note: pouches are not heat proof, gently rip out of pouch and place into a pan to heat. Broths are best consumed together with garlic powder, ginger or turmeric to boost health benefits.