Prawn Paella Whith Our Chicken Broth

Prawn Paella whith our chicken broth

We have kept a secret😍 we have lots of adventures in the kitchen as seen on our blogger page @alerjik_cocuk 😍 we love cooking we love exploring. Due to work load we have kept away from what we love doing but here we are. With one of our made up recipes🤩 we do not follow a recipe recipes follow us😋 this paella was delish. Highly recommend you try😍

Step 1:

Heat your pan and add olive oil followed by oinion and garlic.

Once sauteed add rice, tomatoes, green beans and asparagus.

Continue by adding some spices, we used, paprika, black pepper, oregano, chilli pepper flakes😍

Continue by adding two packs of chicken broth mix well and close lid.

On the other side lets get the prawns ready😋 add some olive oil, grate some garlic, ginger, add some lemon juice, soy sauce and honey along with some black pepper and paprika. Allow the sauce the simmer for about 15 minutes on mid heat. Once the mix thickens add prawns and allow to absorb and get even thicker and stickier🤩 by that time paella should be ready add the prawns onto paella and enjoy 😍😋😋

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