Creamy Forestiere Mushroom Pasta With Black Garlic And Thyme

Creamy forestiere mushroom pasta with black garlic and thyme

Creamy forestiere mushroom pasta with black garlic and thyme 💚

Rich, creamy and comforting here I have the most delicious pasta bowl which I’ve enjoyed today! Yes that’s right; actual pasta! Except this is the low carb keto friendly penne pasta by @lineasei which I have been very kindly gifted by @ketofriendlyshop. Made from resistant tapioca starch I was so intrigued to try this.

Cooked as per instructions in a little salted water per 100g it’s 2.5g carbs. Here I’ve combined mine with the dreamiest, creamiest and most indulgent and yet easy to make creamy black garlic sauce! Mushrooms are rich in fibre, protein and vitamin D and black garlic is rich in antioxidants helping to reduce inflammation in the body. So not only is this a wonderful hug in a bowl perfect for a cold winters day it’s actually a bowl loaded with nutrients too! I made this in less than 15 mins so take a look at how I made my sauce below. It would be a wonderful addition alongside other dishes too and chestnut mushrooms would work equally well 🌱



1. Warm ghee in a pan 2. Once melted add the mushrooms and cook on a medium heat until softened 3. Once softened add black garlic, thyme and season then cook until mushrooms are golden 4. Once golden, add broth and cream, stir and then combine with your cooked pasta and enjoy! 😊
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