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The Healthy Kitchen was founded by Sevgi Toz in 2021 after discovering my youngest child had food allergies. I believe in the restorative, healing properties of natural food; I set out to find ways in our diet to support his immune system to help overcome allergies.

Over many years of trying various ways of making my broths I have decided to turn this passion into a project to give everyone a chance to bring my 100% homemade broths to your table. Our life has been about being sterile and contamination-free due to our life-threatening allergies -this drive is instilled in our practice. Bone broths made a huge difference to my son and our family’s health in general. All products are made using the highest quality organic ingredients and based on traditional recipes and cooking techniques.

I have made varieties that are time-proven ways to ingest valuable nutrients into the body, supporting a healthy lifestyle. Implementing tradition and culture into our day and time does not just end with out broths. We are very careful to choose our meat from only halal certified butchers to reflect our beliefs and culture and provide what we believe in. Our meat suppliers are monitored throughout the year. Halal certification is also available up on request.

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Our founder Sevgi Toz

Our Process

Properties Of Natural Food

I believe in the restorative, healing properties of natural food; I set out to find ways in our diet to support his immune system to help overcome allergies.

The birds we use are slow maturing and able to free range on organic pastures for 11-16 weeks. Because of the small flock size, in line with the Soil Association standards, the birds can exhibit their natural behavior. The addition of shelters in the field and perches in the houses adds to their comfort. With each batch, the huts are moved onto the fresh ground which is not returned to for two years to prevent the build-up of disease. The chickens are finished in a stress-free environment where they are allowed to truly roam at will, exercising all day picking and scratching in the clover-rich pasture, just enjoying the freedom of outside life as well also being fed on approx.

The organic chicken is raised in a natural environment, is fed on natural feed, without any antibiotics. Organic chicken meat has a high vitamin and nutritional value, which positively affects the human body.

Our pre-selected Organic vegetables are from organic farming where there is a production system that relies on biological processes and natural materials to manage soil fertility and pest populations and to promote healthy crop growth. Fields used to grow organic crops may not have had any prohibited material applied to them in the previous 3 years.

Farms we work with are certified and monitored by the Soil Association.

Put simply, eating 100% grass-fed meat or pasture-fed outdoor-reared, free-range meat animals helps to support a more biodiverse, natural, ecology.

Use Organic Vegetables

Grass-fed beef is a highly concentrated source of nutrients.

Beef is loaded with vitamins B12, B3, and B6. It’s also rich in highly bioavailable iron, selenium, and zinc. Meat contains almost every nutrient that you need to survive.

It also contains high-quality protein, such as creatine and carnosine, which are very important for your muscles and brain.

Grass-fed beef generally contains higher amounts of certain nutrients.

All our beef and birds we use is also antibiotic-free, Sick animals that required antibiotics are removed from the “no antibiotics” line and sent for processing with animals raised under conventional.

We are what we eat therefore as a Healthy kitchen we need to ensure it’s of the highest quality and is produced in a way that respects nature, the environment, and the animal.

To be deemed as “organic” and halal certified has been a challenge!

Therefore when choosing our beef we decided to continue to choose “grass-fed” and antibiotic-free which is the quality we can offer, we use over 200kg of bones and meat a week with our beef broths, and for sustainability and to avoid delay in production we are confident grass-fed halal beef is just the way we like it.

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